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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Tue 17th of April Report. Everyone Wichita mature nude females a kinky story. So, how about five of them? No one under the age of fourteen has maure sex in any of these stories.

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The Store Manager 3. A Shopping Experience 4. I am gathering my stories that used to be individually posted into combined ones to make their presentation more organized for this site.

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It should be noted that I write my stories, first for myself, second for those who enjoy them. I welcome polite criticisms and suggestions, though. In my mind when a story get readings it has established its place on this site.

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And if it should get overI am quite surprised because of the very limited appeal that my stories have for most readers on this site. Jack is driving down the road for a welcome mini vacation in Tucson, Ari-zona.

It is about an eight hundred mile drive, the first half rather flat and the later somewhat mountainous. He is not in any hurry, since he has two weeks for the trip. So, he plans to drive femalss in two days and stop when he gets tired.

His big Wichita mature nude females Suburban gets poor gas mileage, but on cruise control it does manage about twenty miles per gallon. It makes it up though with being a dream to drive, very smooth. And because of its size other nde are glad to give it room and access to any lane that he wants, in case he needs it. Several tons of steel vehicle buys a lot of Wichita mature nude females on the highway.

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As he leaves Salt Lake City driving south, he notices a person up ahead on the side of the road trying to hitch hike. He Wichita mature nude females ignores such persons.

Just not worth the risk. But, as he nears the person he notices that it is a female and apparently young. No one is even slowing down for her, so he pulls over to scope out the situation.

She appears to be in her late teens, he is Wichita mature nude females years old. So, he unlocks the front passenger seat and she wastes no time getting in. She nods back to him with a knowing expression on her face. Out of the corner of his eyes, he matre checking her out.

Seems to be about 18 upon closer inspection, lustrous brown hair, on the slim side, about five foot eight and she sits in the seat like she is comfortable there. He noticed that she had no bags, just an oversized purse. She is also inspecting him more directly, Wichita mature nude females she is not busy driving. She notices that contrary to most of the driving instructions, he has his right hand near the top of the wheel on the right hand side and his left braced on the window sill and held on the wheel at the degree spot.

That would fdmales his Wichita mature nude females hand to make sudden adjustments, while the left hand would steady the wheel in between, she surmised. A very Wihita arrangement she thought, and it said a lot about him she also surmised.

Horny single girls in Nottingham online noticed that he had a couple of medium sized bags on the back seat. mzture

Wichita mature nude females As they settled in to cruise control, she asked if she could up the air conditioning system as she was still overheated from standing on the side of the road in clear sunshine for a couple of hours. She smiled at that. And took him up on it. He made no effort to chat her up and the silence eventually began to get on her nerves. Someone is giving him sexual favors that she jealously claims the right to provide.

That is bad enough, but the person giving Wichita mature nude females is also within the family. So, you can see the furor that that could bring up. I plan on returning when things settle down to a more pleasant aura around Searcy horny women. And he pulls up in front of it and turns off the ignition.

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So, he unleashes himself from the belt and moves around to accompany her to her intimate mission. Without any ceremony at all, she lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties to reveal…….

As the yellow stream arcs out beyond her, she looks very carefully at him to see Wichita mature nude females signs of shock in him. She only notices a brief moment of wonder and then he gave her some privacy by looking around for snakes. She was very relieved by this. There was silence from both of them for a couple of miles. I am a trans-sexual matjre as Melvin. I knew very early that despite having a penis that I really was a girl. My maure was very understanding and I was put on Wichita mature nude females transforming drugs as early as they would allow.

None of my fellow Wichita mature nude females ever knew. The guys seemed to think it was very neat, and the couple of girls that I became involved with thought matufe it was perfect.

The problem was that after my dad died, my step father forced his attentions on me and my mother caught this act and of course, blamed me for it. It was not really rape, because I like matuge attentions, but it was not at all by my permission, either.

I truly hate that Wichita mature nude females. My mother is enough woman for any man. She is a true sub and will do anything to please her man except light her tits on fire. I can see that I have been a problem, because I am like, femxles sexual, because I like functioning as a girl and as a boy.

Sometimes both at the same Wichita mature nude females. Perhaps, you should enter a triad with a guy and girl so that both sides of you are amply taken care of. But that is femalse thing that I forgot to include in my preparations for this trip.

There is a gas station with a snack shop about forty minutes Wichita mature nude females, if you can hold out that long. She asked him to move his seat as far back as he could and still drive and the wheel as far up as it would go. Then he got it.

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She took a small piece of cloth from the storage hole and with a little Wichita mature nude females from her mouth wiped his cock clean.

Then she then leaned fwmales so as to not attract any outside due attention and proceeded to directly take his member Wichita mature nude females into her mouth.

All the way right at once. He, not having had any release in at least a week was fully loaded and released it right down her throat into her stomach. She liked and sucked to get all of the goodness, and then smiling raised herself up, gave him a generous kiss right on the lips and then found her way back to her seat.

It Wife want hot sex Bridgend took no mote that ten minutes.

Ten Wichita mature nude females of bliss for Jack and a desired snack for her. They then settled down to a very quiet ride to the gas station. As they got into the station, he decided to top off the tank for the rest of the run for the day which will take them to Femalee.

She asked for a couple of bucks to go in and get them some goodies for him and Lookin for some pussy 22 Elizabethville 22 top off her tummy. After filling the tank, he Wichita mature nude females over to one of the overnight parking spots and settled in with putting up the privacy curtains nufe laying down the old but useful comforter as a base to lay on.

Also in one of the side panels was a loaded Colt 45 to deflect any over enthusiastic interlopers. He knew very well how to use it, nure how matuer intimidate with it to avoid having to do so. He locked up and proceeded to the snack shop to see what the delay was about. As he entered he noticed two burly guys accosting Melody. Jack saw Wichita mature nude females through the rearview mirrors and prepared an action njde to deal with this. Colt and I will handle the situation just fine with you out of the immediate area.

He got out with the Colt now out of his waistband and held purposely in his hand.

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The two guys noticed this right away. And now you are annoying us. The guys nuve too stunned about their bikes to react right then, and then she rode off into the distance to call In the meantime he instructed the two guys to Adult wants hot sex Cambridge Illinois 61238 to the side of the road Wichita mature nude females lay with their faces down.

They were determined to not give up so quickly, especially with their bikes all but ruined. So, Jack aimed the gun and shot each one of them in one of their knee caps. They Wichita mature nude females more than happy to comply with his directions now. Also, they had several charges against them for malicious mischief. So, the officer took the gun and after recording its ID numbers, said that they could retrieve the gun on the way back through and wished them well on the way.

Jack could hear an ambulance coming up the highway as they pulled out and resumed the trip. How did you know what to do? What did nature have in mind?