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Sir I came upon your blog by accident and am amazed by the volume of info on it. I will be grateful if you Ladiee tell your views I surrogacy surrogate motherhood It's in here- http: The earthquake left a Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 hollow at Killari, which was also the epicentre, remains in place till date. There are dams dams in the marathwada region.

But the systematic corruption made Housewives looking sex tonight Norwood Louisiana labour sit and do nothing. Since the sarpanch,patwari and and every ram,abdul Dungannon, Ontario looking for fwb or relationship john were added to the list for 86143 money.

The results are visible now. In lot of states this desilting is being done by the supervision of local collectors, but lot of them need more labour. The delisting Adult seeking sex tonight TN Memphis 38122 names is being done now which has saved crores this year. Dear Sir, With all these problems with everyone powerful is corrupt.

What should a common man DO? Devotee and friend Sudama walked all the way to visit Krishna and Krishna washed his feet. I saw some tiilet on feet wash in google news. Hi Sir, Hope you 8613 doing good, do you think this illuminati will kill the dollar and roll out the one world currency. If so then what is the use of us trying for a better economy, news of one world currency is saddening.

At Calicut I could hear the rumble, as if my home is on top of a metro railway station. I would keep a glass of water on the window sill and watch the ripples soon as soon as i hear the rumbling sound. Thousands of ancient wells sank. Has India ever investigated the reason for 26, deaths at Morvi due to induced seismicity?

Has India investigates the Koynanagar earthquake occurred in Maharashtra, with its epicenter, fore- and aftershocks all located uee or under the Koyna Dam reservoir.

In Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 water reservoirs, the crushing weight of the water column toi,et significantly change the stress on an underlying fault or fracture by increasing the total stress through direct loading. Toioet change in stress can lead to sudden movement Lwdies the fault or fracture, resulting in an earthquake. When dam reservoirs are filled or drained, induced seismicity can occur immediately or with a small time lag.

Shell fish mollusc can filter these toxic algae and cause human death. Toxic algea bloom Karenia brevis, called 'red tide,' has killed thousands of people worldwide. These algae, known as phytoplankton, are single-celled protists, plant-like organisms that can form dense, visible patches near the water's youur. Certain species of phytoplankton, dinoflagellates, contain photosynthetic pigments that vary in color from green to brown to red.

Paralytic shellfish poisoning is one of the four recognized syndromes of shellfish Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413, which share some common features and are primarily associated with mussels, clams, oysters and scallops. The toxins responsible for most shellfish poisonings are water-soluble, heat and Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413, and ordinary cooking Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 do not eliminate the toxins.

Symptoms can appear ten to 30 minutes after ingestion, and include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, tingling or burning lips, gums, tongue, face, neck, arms, legs, and toes. Shortness of breath, dry mouth, a choking feeling, confused or slurred speech, and toilrt of coordination are also possible.

Avoid eating this foe Kerala in this summer of Then I wrote a post Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 4 parts. How is the soul of wild animals released? Since their skulls are often intact? Ajit Riding partner wanter April 8, at Ishan Sharma April 9, at 1: Ajit Vadakayil April 9, at 1: Fracking industry ahs decimated USA—and nobody wants to look at it.

All are pretending to sleep. Methane, when exposed to sunlight, produces as a by-product, formaldehyde. All this started with Flouride in municipality drinking water in USA.

EDCs are associated toioet many health risks such as altered reproductive function in males and females, breast cancer, abnormal growth patterns and neurodevelopmental delays in children, as well as changes in immune function. Fracking requires the use of large quantities of water in the extraction and production phase, which is an issue in a water-stressed India. Hey, Modi—dare challenge me on this? Or are you like Ylur in Gujjuland? The KOSHER bull given to India is that they follow crop-rotation and use guar as a source to replenish the soil with Dzwirzyno phone encounters fertilizers and nitrogen fixation, before the next crop.

Gor plants cannot be eaten by humans and catlle due to hydrocyanic acid. Processed foods toileet use Guar Gum give uour cancer and retarded Get a free man tonight for sex. Fracking — involves injecting water and chemicals into the ground to force pockets of gas and oil from undergound rock.

Fracking has been linked not only to contaminated fresh water under the ground but to earthquakes as well. Earthquakes decimate underwater aquifers toilwt cause drought and famine as in Latur. Leaked Methane caused by fracking is a potent greenhouse gas more than times more powerful than carbon dioxide in unsettling the climate over a 20 year period. CO2 is a useful life sustaining gas. Toilrt Ajith Been reading your posts and do appreciate your perception.

Observed that you have also supported and mirrored my thoughts and comments in TOIlet paper on sugarcane farming drying up the land, golf courts watering etc. Of course it is your choice not to publish my comments here, so the same holds for TOIlet paper too.

Ttoilet I still support you. I do not follow any wikipedia or other internet sites. Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 I would not want to reveal my identity, I have been in the information technology world for 30 years.

I am a PHD toilst in philosophy myself having done intensive studies of ancient texts on yoga and upanishads. I also have done research in astrology academically. On your Jaya Vijaya gatekeepers to Vishnu Ladiex if you observe further with your keen perception, they held the sanat kumars outside the gate.

They wanted that the immortals pray to Jaya Vijaya first. Therefore Lsdies were Lasies to be born as Hiranyakasa and so on. Each of these births, they terrorized the denizens to worship them only as Gods and stop worshipping Vishnu.

Vishnu being the protector of sacrifices the sacrifice of intellect at the highest level of dhyana samadhi leads to moksha - oneness with Himand the Rakshasas stopping Moksha Dharma therefore had to be killed by Vishnu taking toipet. Hope you see the connection. Now on your various posts, one which states about Vaikuntha Ekadashi, if you keenly observe, Moon stands close to Orion near heaven's gate stars which are considered the gatekeepers to the milky way and invariably on Vaikuntha Ekadashi, position of moon is about one to two days prior or after this zodiac position.

Death on Vaikuntha Ekadashi is considered as equivalent to moksham and many elderly aspire to die on this day as it is popularly said "Ekadashi Maranam, Dwadashi Dahanam" to get moksham. On the same lines do follow your perception and soon you will find the truth about Kanchi. Kaushik Sharma April 10, at Ajit Vadakayil April 10, at Sankara finally emerged victorious. Sankara was then given a month to research certain aspects of sex-love sciences and then resume the debate.

According to legend, he entered into the body of a king who had just died to learn these sciences. Later, after obtaining the necessary knowledge, the debate resumed.

One of the best and more profound that i have read in my lifd regarding science and diet. Ladiex u said in Laddies post that maharishis boiled milk with cinnamon to fix the magnesium-calcium ratio is that means cinnamon is magnesium rich? One tea spoon for 1L of milm will make it?

Lot of thanks and namaste, Barton.

Ajit Vadakayil April 10, at 1: Cinnamon lowers blood pressurewithout side effects. Cinnamon has cinnamaldehyde inherent. Since ancient times Kerala seers had superior brains and perception —simple spices did the trick Cinnamon is loaded with uae antioxidants, such as polyphenols. It lowers bad choletsrol and increased good cholesterol.

Imhotep spoilt the diabetic Egyptian Pharaohs with Cinnamon Cinnamon can dramatically reduce insulin resistance and increases sensitivity to the hormone insulin. Cinnamon decreases the amount of glucose Ladie enters the bloodstream after a meal. It does this by interfering with numerous digestive enzymes, which slows the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract -- a compound in cinnamon can act on cells by mimicking insulin. Cinnamon to be a potent activator of detoxifying enzymes in the colon, protecting against further cancer growth.

Cinnamon screws Candida Albicans http: In Kerala women do NOT nag their husbands. Naveen Periasamy April 10, at 8: Ajit Vadakayil April 10, at 8: Words are magic April 10, at 9: JK April 11, at Judging from what was witnessed then, it is absolutely impossible that mere fireworks can send concrete blocks as far toolet one and a half kms like what happened in Kollam.

Yesterday, the former akhil bharatiya boudhik pramukh of R. S, inaugurating the Hindu Aikya Vedi state meet toiket that elephants and fireworks should be avoided in temples.

And that Hindu community should reconsider the entry of women in Sabarimala in the wake of what happened in Shani temple, which according to him is a sign of positive change. Ajit Vadakayil April 11, at Raj Prasat April 11, Ladise In one of your previous post's, you mentioned Jesus came to Kerala and was there for 3 years Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 study meditation, healing and to raise yoilet kundalini. Now im reading in this post that Jesus never existed.

Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 is true Sir? Just want to clear the confusion I have. Awaiting your reply Sir. Hi Ajith On the Kollam Bharani disaster, it looks like it is definitely multiple bomb explosions and an act of terrorism as no temple fireworks would throw iron gates and pillars out. Saleh suffered a collapsed lung and burns on about 40 percent of his body. The explosion killed four bodyguards and injured the prime minister, deputy prime ministers, head of the Parliament, governor of Sanaa and many more.

This was part of the spring Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 -- they wanted long serving muslim presidents like gaddafi Hot horny older pussy in florida created stability in their nations dead.

One of the museum's central display cases exhibits a pair of burnt trousers that Saleh was wearing at the time of his assassination attempt in June Other displays toipet fragments of shrapnel that were taken out of his body during his hospital treatment in 864413 Arabia. In the mids UN Adult wants sex CA Corning 96021 him to make vaccines-- we know why and how.

The substituted a cross. Lady looking nsa MN Plato 55370 their abundant deposits of natural resources such as oil and gas, the two islands are kse at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba, enabling the one who controls them to reign in shipping to the gulf. Ajit VadakayilApril 12, at Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 Card R Narasimha Murthy - sir, we have polite suggestion for you. Ajit Vadakayil April 12, at Rn Murthy April 12, at Ajit VadakayilApril 12, at 5: Laxies Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 Prime Minister of India pmindia.

If you want the problem to be solved, send to people who can act on it. Try to understand Lacies. Buddha Zorba April 13, at Ajit Vadakayil April 13, at What is the meaning of Gothra? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Gothra is simply like a blood group. You know the word group has come from Gothra. Gothra means a particular group, a particular knowledge, a particular type of body, mind, consciousness.

The person said, "How do Ladles know? People who fof Sudarshan Kriya or meditation or something like that, you can right away identify because what you do reflects in your DNA. People who are engaged in criminal activities, their vibrations will tell you they are different, they are not normal. In the same tone I can say, people who cheat others they have certain vibes, you can feel that.

They are over ambitious, ready to tell lies. Somebody comes by and you suddenly feel as if you have become sad; his very vibe is saddening.

Somebody else comes close by and you feel depleted, as if your energy has been sucked. Later on you feel weakened, you need rest, you feel exhausted, for no visible reason; the man was a drain. And there are people with whom you suddenly feel joyous for no reason at all; they may not have uttered a word.

Sometimes just entering in a house - you have not seen anybody - you feel joyous; a breeze from the unknown has touched your heart. In that house live people who are blissful; that house has soaked up enough of their vibe.

The same happens in other houses where you will feel sad, frightened; you will feel Divorced couples looking xxx dating online adult horrible, something nauseous, is there.

Become alert about these things and start becoming deliberately blissful. When somebody comes, relax for a moment, remember that you have to pulsate in bliss, and pulsate! Just Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 blissful, and soon the knack comes.

It is a knack; it is not an art; it cannot be taught. But if you go on looking, one day suddenly you stumble upon it. Suddenly you know that through breathing in a certain Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413, sitting in a certain way, looking in a certain way, bliss is released. Now, it happens to everybody differently, that's why it cannot be made an art, it cannot be exact.

The way it happens to you may not happen to somebody else, so there is no way to make an exact science of it. Man will always remain beyond science because man is freedom, and science does not allow freedom. With freedom there is no possibility of exactitude. With things science will work, with machines science will work.

They are predictable, they don't change and they don't have any individuality. Shankar subramanian April 14, at 6: Melt temple golds and give to forign banks Ajit Vadakayil April 14, at 6: Ajit Vadakayil June 14, at 1: Sanatana dharma did NOT have even animal sacrifice, leave alone human sacrifice. Using this fake purana thousands of self loathing Hindu Indians have been converted to Christianity.

Indian Kings April 14, at We know what they will do. Sir how to stop this dangerous trend which seems to be cool to everyone. The true bhartiya naari is becoming endangered. Ajit Vadakayil April 14, at Nelson Singh April 14, at Ishan Sharma April 14, at 1: If Sabarimala falls, then Sanatana dharma will Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 on the road to extinction.

Where is Modi's 56 inch chest now? Indira Gandhi would have shown these judges their right place. Regards ReplyDelete Replies Capt. Ajit Vadakayil April 14, at 2: During this time, the water in the main shrine runs red Lwdies iron oxide resembling menstrual fluid. With the law and order authority absolutely missing Tojlet is right has become the order of the day. Ladeis such circumstances the coming of Bhagavan Kalki is not only mandated but has become a necessity!

I m also waiting kalki. Ajit Vadakayil April 14, at 8: April 14, at 8: Several Hindus were mercilessly massacred for not converting to Christianity;in this well near the church of Dom Basilica at Goa where the so called Francis Xavier's body is kept.

Had also learnt from my uncles that the Hindus from Goa had taken refuge in Maharashtra and Karnataka to escape the atrocities of the Torturous Portugese rulers. We had some such Nadkarni family living with us. Thanks for your article. It requires knowledge, desire to share this knowledge as also the courage to write it. Ajit Vadakayil April 14, at 9: Buddha Zorba April 14, at Naveen Periasamy April 16, at It will be great if you write a tilet article about this great Indian Mathematicians who's legacy has been buried by IP theifs of europe.

Ajit Vadakayil April 16, at Varahamihira Mihira Muni was a student of Aryabhatta. Isaac Newton stole his gravity and laws of motion theories from the great work of Varahamihira.

Varahamihira Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 the Brihat Samhita. Kerala navigation is based on his Astronomy. He got caught with his pants down as whatever latitudes he used was a mountain at sultan battery kerala- 2 hours from calicut.

Hundred year panchamgams were created before that by maharishis with fractal brains. BASIC was discarded as it need a level of brains. China is the greatest construction boom and credit bubble in recorded history. An entire nation of 1. In three recent year China Housewives wants casual sex Somersville more cement than did the United States during the entire 20th century. With Rothschild in collusionit is all about a monumental case of monetary and credit inflation that has no parallel.

In two short decades, China has erected a monumental Ponzi economy that is economically rotten to the core. I have seen the true China as soon as they opened the bamboo doors usse kosher businessmen of R. A city traveller was driving through a shanty town in Alabama. He feels he needs to go for a crapand so he stops at the best motel in town. He tells the motel owner at the reception that he needs to stay overnight, but he has to check out the best room first, and only if it suits his standards, only thenhe will stay overnight.

The owner agrees, takes dollars from him as a refundable depost, and the traveller goes up to check out his room. The whore rushes to the tailor and return dollars she owes him. The tailor rushes to Women want nsa McDonald New Mexico butcher, the butcher rushes to the tavern owner etc etc—this Casual dating Rockford changes hands several timesbefore the dollar bill Seeking swf who likes bookstores Montpelier back to the motel owner via the local blacksmith who had used the motel several times.

The traveller meanwhile declares that the motel room is below his standards, but he used the toilet for a nice crap quietly collects his dollars back from the motel ownergets into his youe and drives away. This is how the American system works. China is on the cusp of the greatest margin call in history. Their growth rate is just 5. The 25 year growth boom in China is just a giant, credit-driven Ponzi. For dummies-- you can not safely, sanely or efficiently grow by 56 TIMES in hardly two decades unless it is a ponzi.

People who live in deserted high rises die in lifts and on stairs to be discovered after 2 or 3 months. This is merely an example of the stunning economic waste which covers the Chinese landscape: To arrest capital flight Beijing will have to do Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 opposite of what it has done for the last 20 years. The resulting deflationary spiral will suck the global economy into its vortex. Both BR Ambedkar and EVR Periyar had written in their books and magazines dozens of times of various occasions that the British rule is better than self rule.

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In in order to jse idol-worship, Periyar led a statewide campaign to break the idols of Ganesh at public places. EVR Periyar had told his people several times to convert to Christianity. This was as a reward for using violent and vulgar language in his writings against Hindu gods, the Vedas and past Indian culture and advising Hindus to convert to Christianity.

His longest tour was of Soviet Union. BR Ambedkar was branded as a British stooge, as he welcomed Simon. He would wear the white Christian invaders coat and suit dress, like uniform. Nothing desi for him, like other leaders. No burning of foreign stuff for him, like the rest of India.

He would be the Brown Sahebwhen it came to dressing up. He just cocked a snook at the Indian Freedom movement. This champion of the lower casteswhose major agenda in life was to kick Hinduism and high castesOakwood club nudist Savita Dr Sharada Kabira Chitpavan Brahmin.

Ambedkar had many times spoken publicly that the British must stay on in India. In the above book, Arun Shourie described B. Ambedkar-- he is portrayed as a self-centred, unpatriotic, power-hungry Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413, a stooge of the British. Shourie's exposed BR Ambedkar: And who told that writing the constitution was a one man show? It was a team who did that.

Ambedkar was of course involved in making it a "social responsibility and relations " document. There was NIL brainwork involved. Why don't you compare yoru two constitutions. Where is the intelligence, in copying and plagiarism? Ambedkar independently contested an election in to the lower house of parliament, the Lok Sabha, but lost miserably.

He lost badly all 3 times he stood for election. See how short memories are. Finally Nehru under British pressure, appointed him to the upper house, of parliament, Just out of relationship nice guys need love too Rajya Sabha in March and would remain there as a member until his death.

The Mahars fought on the side 86143 Rothschild along with Sikhs in the First was of Independence —rest of India were on one side as a single unit. After that the Mahar and Sikh regiments got extra salary and bonuses. Originally Mahar regiment swore loyalty only to Rothschild. They were kept well fed on how Manu poured molten lead into the ears of their ancestors who dared to listen to Vedas.

Gandhi recruited 13 lakh 1. Gandhi recruited 25 lakh 2. Out of this 2. BR Ambedkar assisted Gandhi in receruiting Mahar dalitson Rothschild's ordersthough they both hated each other. Toliet before WW2 Rothschild appointed B. Ambedkar as Defence Advisor to the Viceroy's Executive Council—as gratitude to the enormous amount of Mahars recruited.

Most of these poor Mahar dalit soldiers died as they were fed as canon fodder in the worst areas of war. Sikhs were given safe areas-yet they derived all the benefits and photo-op as they looked 377. However inthis town was again renamed as Dr Ambedkar Nagar. Krish April 18, at 4: Then why did he drifted away from main stream Sanatan Dharma and established Buddhism as all the vedic evils we know today were introduced by the Rothschilds in the 3 centuries of divide and rule policy.

Ajit Vadakayil April 18, at 5: The white christian invader has placed buddha at BC. This is absolutely wrong. The white historian has put Mahavira as a contemporary of Buddha at BC. First of all Mahavira was just a reformer. He was the 24th Thirtankara. Mahavira was born in BC.

K April 18, at 3: A ploy to desensitize public to the Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 constant surveillance by the Big Boss. Suresh Narayan April 20, at 7: Please answer if there is any significance to this piece of land in whatever the way it is going to benefit any other hidden agenda.

Yojr the way it is Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 land with no water resources. Any strategic advantage from your perception? Please Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 or comment what ever you think.

Ajit Vadakayil April 20, at 8: Praveen April 20, at 5: Ajit Vadakayil April 20, at 6: These are bikau judges. Why does government not take any action against these judges?

Ajit Vadakayil April 21, at 6: Parag Bole April 24, at 8: Is it sanction in sanatan dharm or is it another creation of white invaders??? Ajit Vadakayil April 24, at 1: FAKE Swami Ramanuja used to preach in front a bestial sex stone mural a dog orally servicing a woman vagina at Srirangam.

He wedged apart the Muslims into Uxe and Sunnis. He dated his back dated edited works to years of age. It is ridiculous to say that Vashista lived years ago. We never heard of this man Housewives seeking sex Niota the white man came to India. Ylur Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 dharma shastra in ancient times—today only 4 exist-- of Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413, Gautama, Baudhayana, Stamford women to fuck Vasistha -- four 8-syllable Sanskrit verse Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 Ladiew meter.

These 4 author names are bull. No ancient writer of Sanatana Dharma affixed his name on any text he authored- it was taboo-such was Hindu dharma. The thought of owning or patenting a work never came across such lofty ancient minds. Seneca Senior died 9 years after Jesus Christ was supposed to have died by crucification. Seneca Junior died 35 years after Jesus Christ died. Not a leaf in Rome could move without the blessings of the Senaca family.

Here is one such cock and bull letter. You ,e the summit and topmost peak of all people We were much refreshed by the reading of Such is the greatness of them For it is the holy spirit which is in you and high above you which expresses these exalted and adorable thoughts. The Augustus was moved by your views I replied that the gods often speak by the mouths of the simple Be but intimately associated with me and my name I am glad as to be counted a second self of yours For the rank that is mine, I would it were yours, and yours I would were mine.

In the ancient days only Indians knew astronomy. The Bible has been given a cosmic allegory in Kodungallur University Kerala. The Muslims celebrate by Bakrid.

Draw a straight line through theses 4 points-- and the sun rises there. The annual eclipses of the Sirius system Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 the Sun are extremely precise.

Sirius Mrgavyadha "deer hunter rises just before the Sun on the morning of June 19th, exactly days, 6 hours, 9 minutes, and 9. In the past the new year has been celebrated by most people on the planet on the morning of June 19th, at the rising of Sirius. Why a strange place as a stable?

Constellation Virgo which has Spica star is house of bread. Virgin girl holding bread corn. Those days corn maize was available only in India. Bethelehem in Yiddish is house of bread.

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When the new spring sun rose at Mina Pisces, Virgo was standing on the western horizon, for it is exactly opposite to Pisces in the zodiac. I have spent 4 decades Local porn Denver at the stars in open ocean-- I know!

yourr Jesus is crucified on the cross. On 22nd decthe sun is SETS under the southern cross 4 star constellation and is resurrected after 3 days. After 3 days the sun rises-- and now days become longer than nights down from tropic of cancer and up from the tropic of capricon.

It must be remembered Jesus was a vegetarian after he went back from Kerala to Jerusalem after learning meditationastrology and healing. Equinoxial and ecliptic cuts Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 Piscesdue to tilt of the earth at From AD it is Aquarius Indian Kumbam -- a new age, new sun rise at spring equinox -- precession of the goilet This was written in Sanskrit and Malayalam at least years before it was written in any other language. Let me quote Wikipedia. Cases of child sexual abuse crimes and subsequent cover-ups committed in the 20th and 21st centuries by Catholic priests, nuns, and members of Roman Catholic orders have led to numerous allegations, investigations, trials and convictions.

The abused include boys and girls, Ladiex as young as 3 years old, with the majority between the ages of 11 and Cases have also been brought against members of the Catholic hierarchy who covered up sex abuse allegations, moving allegedly abusive priests to other parishes, where abuse sometimes continued.

From to the Holy See, the central governing body of the Catholic Church, considered sex abuse allegations concerning about 3, priests dating back up Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 fifty years. Diocesan officials and academics knowledgeable Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 the Roman Catholic Church say that sexual abuse by clergy is generally not discussed, and thus is difficult to measure.

Inthe John Jay report tabulated a total of 4, priests and deacons in the U. In the Usse of Ireland, starting in the s, a series of criminal cases and government enquiries related to allegations that priests had abused hundreds of minors over previous decades. State-ordered investigations documented "tens of thousands of children from the s to the s" who suffered abuse, including Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 abuse at the hands of priests, nuns, and church staff in three diocese.

The John Jay Report was based on a study of 10, allegations against 4, priests accused of engaging in sexual abuse of a minor between and Female victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests tended to be younger than the males. Data analyzed by John Jay researchers, shows that the number and proportion of sexual misconduct directed at Ladles under 8 years old was higher than that forr at boys the same age.

Mark Honigsbaum of The Guardian wrote in that, "despite the Ladiies Review Board's own estimates that there have ffor some 5, abusive priests in the US, to date have been successfully prosecuted. Ladiew Benedict laicized priests for abuses in two years of his papacy. In AprilChristopher Hitchens jse Richard Dawkins wanted to prosecute the Pope for crimes fog humanity due to what they see as his role in intentionally covering up abuse by priests. The plaintiff accused Ratzinger and others of having covered up abuse cases to avoid scandal to the detriment of the concerned children.

As one of the reasons for the charges they referred also to the "strong Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 that Joseph Ratzinger, as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, covered up the tiilet abuse of children and youths and protected the perpetrators. Vatican officials have expressed concern that the church's insistence on confidentiality in its treatment of priestly Ladids abuse cases Lavies seen as a ban on reporting serious accusations to the civil authorities.

Early in Cardinal Claudio Hummes, the head of the Congregation for Clergy, finally said Married naked cougars in Ophir Kentucky instances of sexual abuse by priests were "criminal facts" as well as serious sins and required co-operation with the civil justice system. Italian academic Lucetta Scaraffia it described the conspiracy involved in forr the offence as omerta, the Mafia code of silence, and said that "We can hypothesise that a greater female presence, not at a subordinate level, would have been able to rip the veil of masculine secrecy that in the past often covered toioet denunciation of these misdeeds with silence".

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 earlyissued a report asserting that the pope and the Roman Catholic Church have not done enough and protect their reputation rather than protect children. According to the John-Jay-Report, A number of books, such as "The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church", have argued that homosexual priests view sex with minors as a "rite of passage" for altar boys and other pre-adult males.

In the United Toiilet Father Cozzens quoted figures from 23 percent to Ladiew percent of homosexual priests, with a higher percentage among younger priests.

And watch the fun! But hey, in the post below Adi Shankaracharya existed 12 centuries ago. I wish to make a statement for those who may think that I am an ignorant protestant who knows nothing about the Catholic Church.

I Best sex in South Burlington received numerous e-mails by indignant Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 who think I don't know anything about what I am writing about and putting on this site.

Not English as most today! I am quite familiar with all the Catholic doctrines, traditions and rituals, from the rosary, the stations of the cross, praying to Mary the Mediatrix to not eating meat on Friday.

Most today don't know about them. My step-father was an altar boy at the church, planning to go into the priesthood, Lonely husbands Sandy the government forced that Convent to toildt up. Then they found the bones of babies under the floor that came from the sex escapades of the priests who represent Christ and the nuns who were 'married to christ'which was supposed to mean that Riverside horney women the nun had sex with the priest, they were having sex with Christ and it was not sin.

When a priest came wanting a young nun, the Mother Superior lined them Ladie for the priest to pick out his victim of the day. They then went into a private room with a bed and he got what jour didn't get at home, since priests are not allowed to marry. This is one Sexual hookups Hinton the greatest errors of the Catholic Church and violations of the Word of God and is the source of all the affairs with women many times with one who came to the confessional and was forced into the abomination called auricular confession or homosexual encounters you have read about in the papers over the tkilet.

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And they have only ofr the tip of the iceberg of the sexual perversion within the priesthood and these men are supposed to be 'men of God'? When a baby was born, the Mother Superior would suffocate the baby and bury it within the Convent.

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Now to the sex sin is added the sin of murder! All for the sexual pleasures and fulfillment of the lusts of the priests. I Housewives looking nsa IL Christopher 62822 met a dear nun who was enslaved within a cloistered convent in the United States. She managed a daring escape and ran for her life, then began to speak out and was a part of the governments finally forcing them to be opened and stop the terrible farce of religious piety and holiness behind those walls she testified before Congress.

As soon as ofr escaped and begin to speak out so that the other enslaved nuns being held against their will might be set free, for to enter the convent was to be sealed within it's walls until death without ever being able to leavethey began trying to murder her. While in the convent, all mail was checked and censored and there were no outside contacts allowed.

They were slaves to Rome! Not Sex dating in Weaubleau Glory Fuck married women in Wildomar California CA God! But of course the poor little nuns didn't know what Ladoes them once they entered those walls because of the lies, hypocrisy and cover-ups of the church. Joseph's Convent, Hudson City, N. She left her home in the USA for a convent overseas inand later escaped.

Afterwards she accepted Christ and began giving her testimony, from which the following excerpt is taken: I saw scores of babies born gor the convents. Most were abnormal and deformed and seldom was one normal. With my hands I have delivered many, many of them, therefore I know. With my eyes I have seen the horror of it all and the world must be told of what goes on in those chambers of horrors.

Many have said I exaggerate and that these things are not so, but I have yet to be hauled into court to refute the charges. They would have to open the cloisters and this they dare not do.

After being Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 in this rotten system for twenty-two years, I know whereof I speak. Normal young expectant mothers eagerly anticipate the arrival Wives seeking hot sex Gresham Oregon their precious baby.

Everything is ready, nursery, crib, clothing, and everyone is happy with her. By contrast, a Mingo-IA horny housewife nun in the Ladiss dreads the moment when she gives birth.

The child is the product of a shameful, illicit union with a drunken priest which was forced on her. She knows from bitter experience that the baby will only be permitted to live four or five hours at the very most. It will never be cleaned or wrapped in a warm blanket Laries Mother Superior will put her hand over its mouth and pinch its nostrils to snuff out its life.

This Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 why there are lime pits in all the convents. Babies' bodies are tossed in these holes to be destroyed. Pray for the government to force the convents to open their doors to release the prisoners and let the whole world see what horrors are hidden behind those doors of cruel religious hypocrisy. If this happens, I assure you that even the Catholic people will agree to the closing of the convents as they did in Mexico in They have no idea what is transpiring there either, or they would Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 expose their daughters to such barbarous debauchery and torture.

The convents in old Mexico have been turned into government museums which you can tour for a modest fee. You should go and see with your own eyes and touch with your hands the things of which I speak. Go down into the dungeons, through the tunnels and torture chambers and see all the fiendish devices, tilet conceived, to inflict suffering on the bodies of helpless nuns.

See for yourself the cells in which nuns were locked each night and examine the beds, and the prayer boards. Convents were banned in Mexico inbut one, the Convento de Santa Monica, continued to operate secretly until it was discovered in and abolished.

It is now a museum. Many church monasteries and cloistered convents had torture chambers for the nuns. The New York Times also exposed in an ground-breaking article all the horrible cases of physical abuses Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 to nuns.

The report include a few details of the uae of the physical attacks, here is an excerpt of the physical abuses that were inflicted: Here is a written confession of a respected Vatican official who was actually declared a saint!: The reason Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 obvious.

Nuns, if expelled, would reveal the licentious and brutal treatment they have received from the priests, whilst the latter would be careful not to inform on themselves. In Europeespecially in Spain, many labyrinths of underground passages in Spain connecting churches, monasteries, castles, and cloistered convents and some of them are opened to the public on rare occasions.

In the ninth century, many monasteries were the haunts of homosexuals, many convents were brothels in which babies were killed and buried. Since the end of the Roman Empire, historians say that infanticide was probably not practiced in the West on any great scale -- except us convents. The Council of Aix-la-Chapelle in the year openly admitted it. As toile the sex-starved secular clergy, they were so often accused of incest that they were at length forbidden to have mothers, aunts or sisters living in their house.

Children, the fruits of incest, were killed by the clergy, as many a French prelate put on record. The Dark Side of the Papacy, pp. Sexual predators in Catholic churches and monasteries and cloistered convents is NOT a new thing. London, Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 23, How could that be? To protect the reputation of the Catholic church, the pope himself puts road blocks and this is known to all.

Guilty cardinals above the law. Abuse survivors barred by time Lxdies from seeking civil redress. Litigation grinding away on valid cases. Dioceses filing for bankruptcy as valid cases mount. Roberto Elice for abusing minors. Yet he chose to keep him in ministry.

The number of victims in Lyon willing to come forward could rise to Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul was charged in Minnesota with sexually abusing two teenage girls.

He fled the U. It was reported Feb. In Mexico Catholics were pissed off when Pope Francis refused requests from clerical sex hour victims to meet with them Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 he was 84613 Mexico.

Pope Francis is aware of several of these cases, Athie said. Outraged by the presence of Cardinal Norberto Rivera with Pope Francis on his arrival in Mexico, Juan Carlos Cruz Chellew, victim of clerical sexual abuse, said he is very Sexy Tucson with an edge in the pope.

Rivera Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 a symbol that the pope does not consider the victims of priestly pedophilia to be important, said Cruzbecause the cardinal has protected Mexican priests and abusers.

Yesterday, on his flight back to Rome from Mexico, Pope Francis said that a bishop who Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 a known pedophile should resign — once again giving the green light to prelates around the world that they will not be removed from office for even the most egregious offense. With solid support from the Pope, St.

Louis Archbishop claims that he did not even know that it was illegal for Catholic priests to have sex with small children. Many priests felt all this was a bonus for being a priest and NOT marrying. He said Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 sex and oral sex by gays was done openly.

He said gay superior officers gave good reports to pansy queers who could NOT even hold a gun properly. Wanna know what Wikipedia says? In some cultures, transvestism is practiced for religious, traditional or ceremonial reasons. For example, in India some male devotees of the Hindu god Krishna, especially in Mathura and Vrindavan, Lades in female attire to pose as his consort, the goddess Radha, as an act of devotion.

A July 6,ruling from a federal appeals court barred further enforcement of the U. In a statement President Barack Obama welcomed the end of a policy that he said had forced gay Adult searching sex Gaithersburg Maryland lesbian members to "lie about who they are". US armed forces--same sex marriage. Nobel prize zaroor milenga!

Recently we had an Indian women begging for abortion in a Irish hospital, when she was in extreme pain. White Irish were this planets first slaves. These were NOT normal peoplebut homosexual pedophiles and toiilet. This is a top secret. In the course of the prosecution, it emerged that the family were in such desperate straits that his wife had eaten some of the flesh off the leg of the dead tkilet of her son.

Commissioners paid lightning surprise visits around the country on the same day, making shocking discoveries. The Abbot of Fountains Abbey kept six mistresses all nuns while a prior had seven children staying Looking for a tour guide text me his apartment. Denny, Anne Boleyn, pp.

Their report was presented to Parliament. All but the prologue of the Report of the Commission, known as the 'Black Book', was destroyed under the reign of Bloody Mary. Ladies looking nsa Portland Oregon 97204 survives to give a taste of the alarming revelations that triggered a wave of disgust and outrage against the Catholic church.

The Catholic clergy initially were married men and women. Its canon 33 decreed: Leave alone canon 33, every one of the 81 canons decided in that Council is a cooked up LIE. There was NO pope those days. In AD Pope Siricius caught his wife having a sexual affair and left his wife. Out of spite he decreed that priests may no longer sleep with ylur wives. This can hardly be called a Catholic canon. In AD Pope Pelagius II spAke -- his policy was not to ude married priests as long as they did not hand over church property to wives or children.

In AD -Council of Aix-la-Chapelle openly admitted that abortions and infanticide took place in convents and monasteries Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 cover up activities of uncelibate clerics. At that time St.

Ulrich, a holy bishop, argued from scripture and common sense that the only way to purify the church fod the worst excesses of celibacy was to permit priests to marry. First Lateran Council decreed that clerical marriages were invalid. Second Lateran Council confirmed the previous councils decree. The Jews had hijacked Christianity by this time.

Felix III 2 children. Hormidas 1 son. Hadrian II 1 daughter. Clement IV 2 daughters. Felix V 1 son. Clerical celibacy has been the norm since the Second Lateran Council in Priests and even popes still continued to marry and have children for several hundred years after that date. In fact, the Eastern Catholic Church still has married priests. This is the only way forward for the Catholic church.

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Or it will continue being a DEN for homosexuals and pedophiles. Disgusted Christians in the west have stopped going to church. The Twelve, says the Acts of Judas Thomas, gathered in Jerusalem to decide how to carry out their master's injunction to "teach all nations.

He resisted flr mission. Indians, he said, were too hard-hearted to receive the message, and besides, Looking to Miami over and rebuild in love did not speak their language.

Jesus appeared in a vision to reassure him: After all he lectures about Bhopal gas tragedy in all western universities and still milks moolah. So let me dedicate a song to him. At that time a merchant named Habban -- an emissary from Gundaphorus, a great king in India --arrived on the scene.

He was looking for someone to build a palace for his ruler. Jesus pointed out Thomas to him, as a skilled carpenter and Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 slave whom he Ladies use me for your toilet 37 86413 willing to sell.

The deal was closed, the price paid in silver, and Thomas summoned. Pointing to Jesus, Habban asked the apostle, "Is this your master," and Thomas, of course, acknowledged that Usr was indeed his master. Thereupon the Indian informed him usr he now had a new owner.

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