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Implant Dentistry

Among the exceptional services offered at

Dental Wellness is Implant Dentistry. Our doctors

bring years of experience and a high level of

expertise coupled with passion for delivering the

best treatment to our patients. We use our state of the art facilities and all inclusive care to ensure our patients are comfortable and receive convenient treatment. Our dental implants procedures have been highly successful at helping patients live life with and enjoy a full set of teeth.

Most patients that require or are considering implants, suffer from some type of tooth loss.  There are many factors that contribute to tooth loss. Some of them are daily tear and wear, disease, physical trauma or infections. Unfortunately, tooth loss can lead to both aesthetic issues and functional problems with the rest of the teeth. Incertain cases, tooth loss may also lead to further complications in oral health. With Implant Dentistry, the Dental Wellness can provide you with that one reason to smile again as implants have been proven to improve the structure of the face and prevent further oral problems.Our dental implant procedures are systematically organized right from consultation to the actual implant and follow up.

​Our patients are free to ask any questions they may be having and each of one our hand picked staff members is trained to meet your dental needs.If you are considering dental implants, please know that our goal is educate our patients on all of the treatment options available and help them to make the right choice.

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Our goal at Dental Wellness is to help you and your family achieve a healthy, beautiful, long lasting smile. Founded by Dr. Sid Solomon, our dental practice will  provide you with the finest treatment using state of the art materials and equipment in a friendly, caring, down to earth environment while educating you on how to take care of your smile and the health of your mouth. Together, we can plan the necessary steps needed to accomplish your goals. Our mission is to make you feel welcome and comfortable while visiting our office. We are devoted to making your experience here a positive one as we attend to your dental care.